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Career Technical Pathways Program

English High School has 5 Chapter 74 Career and Technical Vocational Programs. These programs allow our students to explore a variety of post-secondary career options while in high school and earn valuable industry credentials and hands on learning experiences. 


Beginning in the 9th grade, students participate in a Career Exploratory rotation. During this class period they will explore each of our 5 Pathways program as they begin to discern which program they would like to enroll in for the remainder of their time at EHS. 


Our 5 Programs are: 



The Pathways have been designed to afford students authentic learning experiences that mirror professional workplace environments while developing literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills. These 21st Century Skills engage students through hands-on, project or problem-based learning that teaches communication, goal setting, and collaboration; culminating in presentations that demonstrate each studentʼs academic growth and accomplishments.