Senior Partner Support Staff

CLASS of 2020 We are still here to support you!
*If you have applied to a school recently PLEASE make sure it has been added to Naviance and you have let Ms. Calderon know so that she can send transcripts.
*Reach out to Ms. A with questions about deadlines and/or applications

Ms. Miriam Alfaro Ortez (Ms. A)

College Adviser (CAC)

Phone: 857-293-0299

[email protected]

Office Hours: Monday Wednesday Fridays 11am to 1pm

And by appointments


Ms. Yesenia Del Carmen Ortiz (Ms. Ortiz)

uAspire Financial Aid Advisor

Phone: 617-329-1667

[email protected]

Office Hours: Monday Wednesday Fridays 10am to 4pm

And by appointments


Ms. Cassandra Chislom

Talent Search ASA Advisor

Phone: 617-721-2023

[email protected]

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 10am to 2pm


Ms. Lindsay NiCastro

PIC Adviser

Phone: 617-438-5499

[email protected]


Mr. Andrew Michelson

SA Scholar Athletes Program Coordinator

[email protected]


Mr. Carlos Gonzalez

HERC Adviser

[email protected]