Spanish 1

Hello and welcome to the page for Spanish 1! My name is Mr. Warden and I am a Foreign Languages teacher here at EHS. I currently teach all four sections of Spanish 1 and each class follows the same curriculum. The assignments for all four sections can be found online via Google Classroom. 
Google Classroom Code: 6hdbzas
Parents and guardians, please feel free to email me and request access to my Google Classroom. Would love to have as many of you as possible join our online learning space!
Expectations during Closure
Each Monday, I will be posting online learning material on Google Classroom. This will consist of notes and 2-3 assignments that will be completed and turned in electronically each Friday. Students should expect to work on Spanish for bout 2-2.5 hours each week. 
My main focus during this difficult time is to keep students engaged in learning a new language as well as making them feel connected to their community and one another. 
Contact Information
Google Voice (text/call): 617-843-5621
Zoom (video conference): 879-388-7803
Each week I will be hosting virtual office hours via Zoom Monday (1-2pm), Wednesday (11am-12pm) and Friday (1-2pm) in which students can videochat with me about their weekly assignments. If these don't work for you, I am always available via text/email to help with whatever you may need or set up a time to video conference outside of those hours!
Additional Online Resources 
  • Duolingo provides fun, interactive Spanish lessons for all levels
  • Babbel has comprehensive, tiered language lessons to build your skills in no time!
  • BBC News and NPR have great, up to date news articles on everything happening in Latin America