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Design & Visual Communications I II & III

I am Mr. Thomas & I teach Design & Visual Communications I II & III. 
Google Classroom codes
Pd 2 DVC I Grade 10 (Introduction to illustrator): b5tsurm
Pd 5 DVC II Grade 11 (Introduction to Photoshop): cnrkuo5
Pd 6 DVC III Grade 12 (Furthering in Premiere Pro): vcfawga
Parents & guardians, you must request access to your student's classroom & I will invite you.
I will be sending out work each Monday & you will have until Friday of that week to complete the assignment. Assignments will take you roughly 2 hours per week. All assignments will be sent & submitted via Google Classroom.
I will be available for all texts/ phone calls/ Zoom calls on Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays from 9am-12pm, but do not hesitate to contact me via email if any concerns.